Imagine a unique work of art created just for you or someone you love. Artifacts and ephemera are mixed with botanical and natural elements to create a mesmerizing visual story. When modern technology meets the eye of an an artist, the result is super high-def magic. Award-winning artist Debbi Swanson Patrick turns mementos into masterpieces… award-winning Telling Images.

"I use a flatbed scanner to create unique still lifes and stories about people and places. With my background in journalism, love of history and mystery as well as the spiritual side of life, I like to dig and find unusual ways to express a story. I use organic and inorganic items, mementos, and all kinds of fascinating finds. The result is often unexpected; the look often like that of an old master's painting, yet made with modern technology."

Please contact me to create a custom image for you, your organization, or family and friends.